Parrish Village Neighborhood Action Plan
A meeting was held in November regarding the Neighborhood Action Plan with our Commissioner
At-Large Carol Whitmore. Xavier Colon presented to the PCA December Board Meeting the following 
requested updates on the current projects included in the 2020-2025 adopted CIP budget:
  • Parrish Community Park - Estimated Completion 02-2022
  • Parrish Village Force Main - Estimated 06-2021
  • Erie Rd. E/W phase - Estimated Completion 06-2021
  • Erie Rd N/S phase - Estimated Completion 12-2024
  • Erie Rd/US 301 Realignment - Estimated Completion 12/2023
  • 121st Ave E Improvements - Estimated Completion 12-2022
  • Mocassin Wallow Phase 1 - Est. Completion 12-2023
  • EMS Base Station - Est. Completion 09-2023
 Progress is being made with the FDOT and Manatee County.
The County has designated land on the new part of Fort Hamer for a community park. FDOT
owns land that joins the county property which they would be willing to swap with the county for
another piece of land in the county. The PCA requested an update on the FDOT land swap giving
the planned community park more acreage. Staff from the County will gather the information and
an answer, then inform the PCA. 

Land Swap for Parrish Community Park Update!

Transportation Plan and Sewer Plan
The PCA also reiterated their desires for a Transportation Plan and Sewage Plan. The transportation plan would affect traffic patterns in the Parrish Village Area. The PCA has been requesting a sewage system for many years for business and residents to connect to. They also expressed their desire for a connector road to be installed to run East to West from Ft Hamer Extension to US 301.