Parrish Village Neighborhood Action Plan
A meeting was held in November regarding the Neighborhood Action Plan with our Commissioner
At-Large Carol Whitmore. Xavier Colon presented to the PCA December Board Meeting the following 
requested updates on the current projects included in the 2020-2025 adopted CIP budget:
  • Parrish Community Park - Estimated Completion 02-2022
  • Parrish Village Force Main - Estimated 06-2021
  • Erie Rd. E/W phase - Estimated Completion 06-2021
  • Erie Rd N/S phase - Estimated Completion 12-2024
  • Erie Rd/US 301 Realignment - Estimated Completion 12/2023
  • 121st Ave E Improvements - Estimated Completion 12-2022
  • Mocassin Wallow Phase 1 - Est. Completion 12-2023
  • EMS Base Station - Est. Completion 09-2023
 Progress is being made with the FDOT and Manatee County.
The County has designated land on the new part of Fort Hamer for a community park. FDOT
owns land that joins the county property which they would be willing to swap with the county for
another piece of land in the county. The PCA requested an update on the FDOT land swap giving
the planned community park more acreage. Staff from the County will gather the information and
an answer, then inform the PCA. 

Land Swap for Parrish Community Park Update!

Transportation Plan and Sewer Plan
The PCA also reiterated their desires for a Transportation Plan and Sewage Plan. The transportation plan would affect traffic patterns in the Parrish Village Area. The PCA has been requesting a sewage system for many years for business and residents to connect to. They also expressed their desire for a connector road to be installed to run East to West from Ft Hamer Extension to US 301. 
Advancing Our Agenda - Plan for Parrish: The North Central Overlay, Parrish Village Overlay and the Neighborhood Action Plan

The North Central Overlay (NCO) was established over two decades ago to provide a guide to the overwhelming growth in Parrish and surrounding areas. The NCO cover a large area surrounding Parrish which includes the Parrish Commercial Village Overlay (PCVO)and the Neighborhood Action Plan (NAP). The PCA hired ZNS Engineering and Bob Schmit an Independent Planner to work closely with the PCA's Rural Development Committee. They have done extensive research on what the NCO is, why it was put into place, what it has done for the area, and what is recommended for the future. This is in coordination with the NAP and the PCVO. The Parrish Civic Association is eager to hear input from the community on this project that the PCA has been working on for several years. The PCA is working toward a walkable main street to preserve some of the Parrish Heritage before it is swallowed up completely by development. The PCA will share the working concepts  and ask for input at the next PCA Meeting to he held August 17th @ 6:30 pm located at the Parrish Methodist Church (12180 US 301 N) in the santuary. The PCA is changing its venue to allow for more space. See below for the optional Zoom link information.

Once the PCA receives input from the community, the PCA wilol take the proposal to the Board of County Commissioners. The proposal will include the overall plan, along with a plan for sewer and transportation to support the NAP. 


At this meeting, the PCA board has invite Rachel Layton who will present the proposal on the North County Overlay(NOC) and the Neighborhood Action Plan(NAP) starting at 6:30  with time allotted for questions. as part of the presentation, she will also discuss:

  • Parrish History

  • North Central Overlay District

  • Parrish Village Neighborhood Action Plan

  • Parrish Commercial Village District

  • Comprehensive Plan Map and Text Amendments

  • Transportation Infrastructure

  • Sewer Information

Commissioner George Kruse, At Large will be the second Guest Speaker and will discuss the upcoming workshop of the future Development Area BoundaryFDAB), ask for input and be available to discuss the urban service boundary issue. The County workshop for the NCO and FDAB is scheduled for Tuesday, August 31st. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. and be held at Bethany Baptist Church in Myakka.


301 715-8592 (cALL-IN)

mEETING id: 873 4042 6881


Parrish Village Proposed Transportation-
New Temporary Soccer Fields At Buffalo Creek Park

The PCA has been working with the county to get more sports fields for community use.  The North Manatee Soccer Organization has had to turn children away due to lack of space. With the New United Methodist Church building under construction and the massive growth in the area, we just don't have enough fields. The PCA President Gretchen Fowler reached out to the Parks Department with the help of former Commissioner Priscilla Trace. A plan was made to utilize existing land as an internal project to make two more soccer fields. 

The original thought was for the temporary fields to be on the county-owned land for the future Parrish Park site. The PCA agreed to partner with the county to provide temporary facilities. With the continued support of our current Commissioner James Satcher, it was decided to utilize other county-owned land using in-house resources. We now have two new soccer fields at Buffalo Creek Park providing opportunities for more children to stay and play locally. North Manatee Soccer is also working with a local land-owner to establish a public-private partnership for even more needed soccer fields. More to come!