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Other Exciting Events Happening in August in Parrish

In addition to the new Parrish Community High School opening this month, two elementary schools are coming online in Parrish this fall – Barbara Harvey Elementary School and

Parrish Charter Academy.  Harvey Elementary sits on a 20-acre parcel of land, off Moccasin Wallow Road in front of the community of Copperstone with the capability to accommodate 820 students.  Hayley Rio has been named the Principal; she was Principal at Bradenton River Elementary for 9 years and has been in the district for 14 years. She brings with her some of the most beloved teachers from Braden River. 

Parrish Charter Academy is an Experiential Learning themed school, educating students in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grader in the first year and gradually stepping up to educate students in grades K- 8th.  The campus is on curve of Erie Road where it intersects with 69th Street East. The Academy is run by a Board of Directors and Mrs. Dawn Patterson has been hired as Principal.  Due to weather-related construction delays, the school is scheduled to open in early September.  From August 12 –30, all enrolled students will be at a free Educational Camp at the Ellenton Ice Arena. Students will be introduced to the Experiential Learning process and take part in fun activities like character building, collaborative games and physical activities to prepare them for the academic curriculum.  New students are still being accepted for the 2019-2020 year. You can apply at

In related news, Parrish is preparing for the increased traffic that has already begun due to the fast-paced development and new schools opening.

• District Commissioner, Pricsilla Trace has been working diligently with the county in an

effort to bring the Parrish school access roads up to safer levels for the increased traffic. 121st Avenue is undergoing an emergency widening project to make it safe for two vehicles to pass on it's length. Patchwork sidewalks have been tossed in to give walking students a safe pedestrian access to the schools.

• Two traffic lights were installed; one in front of the Copperstone community to help direct traffic into an out of the new Harvey Elementary School and one on Erie Road at the intersection of Ft. Hamer Road.

• Speed bumps have been installed in Parrish to slow school-related traffic on these streets. Three temporary ones on 69th Street East at 119th Avenue and just East of 120th Avenue East in front of St. Frances Cabrini Church, and on 121st Avenue East near the post office entrance; and a permanent one on 121st Avenue East, a little way south of 77th Street East near the Harvest Field Community Church.

• Speed limits have also been lowered to 25 MPH on Martha Road, 69th Street East and 121st Avenue East.

All of these measures are quick fixes until such time as the county can budget properly, road improvements and sidewalk installation.

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