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You Can Make a Difference

If you would like to make Parrish

a great place to live, we would love your help,


to offer your talents or inquire about how

to become involved.



Marketing and Events

One-Time Event Volunteers Needed (i.e., Parrish Heritage Parade, Chili Cook-off, Christmas Tree Lighting, Meet & Greet, Annual Membership Meetings, etc.


Whether we're helping line the parade route, parking, policing grounds, set-up/break down or providing refreshments at annual meetings or rounding up our neighbors to meet with local elected officials, we depend on volunteers to help make our events possible. Check out the events, drop us a line if you want to get involved in the next event. No ongoing commitment required, just hands on deck!!


Rural Development Committee

If you care deeply for our community and its role in the future of Manatee county. There are rewarding opportunities for planning and building sustainable Parrish. The years ahead will be challenging with the growth around us but if we keep a positive professional attitude and work proactively with county officials, our community initiatives will come together with much success! Let us know!

Social Media/Website/Photographer

If you are creative and love social media i.e. Facebook, Instagram, and/or website design, we have a place for you. If you love photography and would like to record our events in pictures, let us know.

Event Co-ordinator

PCA hosts a range of events that bring our community together. We need someone who’s organized, likes logistics, and has a few hours to spare each month to help bring our programming to life!

Graphic designer

From flyers to social media, we’d love an artist who knows how to turn out eye-catching content for print and web.

Sponsorship & Membership Director

From membership drives to sponsorship cultivation, we depend on generous donations. Help us raise them by helping us grow our membership base and donor pool.

Grant Writer

Section 501(c)(4) corporations may apply to local and state municipalities for grants. Federal government agencies also award grants to 501(c)(4) corporations that do not engage in lobbying activities, even if the activities are funded by their own money. Do you have experience writing grants? We’d love your help!

Parrish Village News

Do you have a zest for news? There just might be a place for you 

Stand Up Meeting
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